“Thy Kingdom Come” Continued

The “Prayer Room” at Christ Church Virginia Water is an ideal venue to follow the Call to Prayer by our Archbishops.

Christ Church’s “Prayer Room” is open and bookable during the week via the church office on 01344 844846, or why not arrange a space and time in your own churches to meet for prayer outside services.
Archbishops John and Justin urge us to pray for:
•    a renewal of expectancy in the abundance and overflowing of Christ in our lives together;
•    that all Christians will find new life in their relationship with Jesus Christ; that they will be renewed in their personal faith and discipleship, and experience the joy that relationship brings, and comfort in times of sorrow;
•    that all those we meet and are close to, our family, friends and colleagues, even those we bump into in our daily lives, see something of Jesus that draws them towards faith in Him, learning what His love means for themselves, so that their lives are transformed;
•    and for the Church, that it is so full of life and the joy of Christ that it overflows with the reality of the presence of Jesus together and wherever it reaches out, in every community in England; that this is seen in service, love, compassion, working with the poor and serving each person.
Here’s a link to a powerful video - although produced for the Pentecostal Week of Prayer this is still very much worth watching.