Bishop Andrew’s “Transforming Lent” Challenge

“Transformation lies at the very heart of the Christian Good News: the community transformation that emerges when Christians truly live out their calling to ‘shine as a light in the world to the glory of God the Father’; the personal transformation that comes from knowing ourselves ‘ransomed, healed, restored,
forgiven’ through the death and resurrection of God the Son; and the transformation brought about by the refreshing, renewing, disturbing work of God the Holy Spirit who ‘blows where He wills’, often in the most unexpected of people and places,” says Bishop Andrew. “My Lent Challenge to parishes this year draws on our diocesan vision “Transforming Church - Transforming Lives” and especially on the theological themes that underpin it: Prayer; The Mission of God; Kingdom and Church; Transformation; Growth and The People of God.”
A six-week online Lent course accompanies the challenge to help churches that really want to engage and play their part in raising at least £20,000 for projects at home and abroad, to be shared equally between a major water project in the Diocese of Kebbi in Nigeria and the Bishop of Guildford’s Foundation (BGF).
Look out for the Lent Call leaflets in your church; find more information including links to the BGF and the Nigerian project on the diocesan website and join the 6-week online Lent Course (link to come soon on the above web page).