east to west Prayer Update

“Autumn has traditionally been the time of the Harvest Festival. Farmers in the fields have (hopefully) reaped the rewards of their hard work and supermarket shelves are stocked to the brim with the resultant produce. Within schools, churches and the Guides/Scouts, gifts of food are brought and shared out for those in need as we celebrate the goodness of God’s provision.
As the parent of a three-year-old, I attended the Harvest Festival at my son’s nursery. I witnessed the culmination of endless renditions of the Harvest Samba (song), practiced dances and heard his loud (speaking) voice declare ‘we give thanks to God for all he’s given us’. Sitting and listening to his nursery class, reminded me that giving thanks to God is something that shouldn’t be limited to a service once a year, a collection of tins and long-lasting produce or the Harvest Samba, but should be part of our daily existence. What’s more, it shouldn’t be limited to thanking God for his abundance, but also include being thankful for his presence in our darkest and loneliest hours, indeed it is in these moments where we begin to see his abundance…of grace, love, kindness, care and in those He’s placed around us.
Could I encourage you, as you pray for the work of east to west over the course of this month to pray with thanks for God’s provision, but also, to pray for God’s continued presence in the lives of those we support? For our team; that as they hear about the darkest and loneliest hours, that they would provide God’s grace, love, kindness and care, and that they would be the people God intended to be there for those in need, and that as our team give of themselves, that God would be there for them, as they put their darkest and loneliest hours to one side to serve him.”                          by east to west

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