Eat Well Spend Less Courses

An insider review of the Foodbank cooking courses we promote regularly:
First of all, yes, 2 ½ hours six weeks running is quite a commitment but … the schedule packs a lot and is well worth the time! It’s not just learning a bunch of recipes but rather learning a whole lot of skills and procedures as well as background information from nutrition, meal planning and shopping habits to get the most “bang for your buck”, to where to get the best credit and what to avoid at all cost. The hands-on part consists of knife skills and the actual cooking of several meals from burgers and omelette to bread and cookies, with two people sharing a cooking station which limits it to eight participants per course. Having said this, the one I took part in was far from booked out, and I am wondering why? I’m not the world’s worst cook and still learned a lot; it was also good fun and I came away from each session with a meal to serve that night at home and a folder of recipes and memory sheets that will serve me well yet. I’m sure many people could benefit, and while the courses are meant for Foodbank users, they are open to everyone and each unused place is a great resource wasted…so if you know anybody who might benefit from learning how to cook basic food in the most cost-effective way, do encourage them to contact Helen Bunclark at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to see when the next course will be running and if a place is available (precedence is given to Foodbank recommendations). It really is all very friendly and doable…even if you don’t yet know how to cook an egg.

Photo courtesy of Petra Hudson