Launch Message for the Children Workers' Network


As a result of the Deanery Mission and Pastoral Plan produced in 2006/2007, our Synod and Standing Committee have thought to establish ways by which good practice within the parishes of the Deanery may be shared more widely. After initial soundings from Synod as to the mission and pastoral areas where sharing may take place, we have begun to set up informal networks, which so far have been well appreciated.

One of these is the Network for Children Workers which was launched in March 2010 with a Sharing and Brainstorming Meeting on the topic of Holidays Clubs - detailed minutes of this lively exchange can be found here.


There is clearly a lot of excellent work taking place in children's work in our parishes, and a great deal to share. It would be useful to receive some ideas of what would be considered key issues that may form the basis of further discussions. We would appreciate it if you could find some time to respond briefly to outline these issues from your point of view. Input is welcome, not only from the leaders, but from anybody with experience in working with children of Sunday school age in a church or church-related setting.


All input please via the Deanery Administrator - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Update March 2010

Another meeting is being planned around the topics of Godly Play and Sunday School work in general - if you have any related questions or input please contact Petra on the email above.