Latest News from Kebbi/Nigeria

Excerpt from an email from ++Edmund:
“We are daily seeing the effects of prayers as the situation seems to be forging a new form of unity between Christians and Muslims in the North as they have come to see that the sect is attacking and killing anybody irrespective of your religious leaning; it's just that churches are also attacked. We took stock of our losses in the Province and discovered that in Kano, Zaria, Katsina, Dutse, Wusasa, Ikara, Gusau and Bari Dioceses several churches, homes of Christians and their properties were vandalized, looted and razed down with fire. Many of the victims are from the south and are seriously relocating home in their thousands and that is having its toll on the churches. As you must have read in the media the authorities seem unable to combat this new form of terrorism in our country; that is why the Church is seriously turning her attention to God with whom all things are possible. In Kebbi, what has been our saving grace is the refusal of the locals to accommodate their teachings as they now monitor all the Islamic preachers in the state.”