Update from Archbishop Edmund

An update on the situation in Kebbi from Archbishop Edmund Akanya:
“The Lord has been very faithful to us in the Diocese and in our Province even though some of our Dioceses have been badly hit by the ongoing Boko Haram insurgence. As I told you some time ago many are relocating from all the core north states to the east and west of Nigeria and that is telling very much on our income as a Diocese. In fact one of those that came to visit your Deanery has relocated to the east, i.e. Mrs Osunwa, the wife of our Diocesan Treasurer.
On our part the Diocese has continued its church planting activities despite these threats. We were able to add some four new churches to our number. Shall hear more when we meet at our synod which comes up from 31 Oct to 3 Nov, so pray along with us. God bless  +Edmund”