News from Nigerian Contact

This is not through the deanery Kebbi link but a correspondence given to us by St Peter’s Church in Chertsey of their own Nigeria connection, as an example of how valuable our support can be:
“Dear Friends, New Year greetings from Jos/Nigeria, and especially from the Christian Institute! … We really do appreciate all your continued generosity and kindness: thank you so very much indeed. May the Lord himself bless and reward you. … I do want to assure you that your gift is now actually becoming a life-line for us. I had kept it in the bank, thinking that we would add it to other finance for the continued work on our big hostel building. However, we are now in the middle of the dry season, and water is becoming a problem, especially as we cannot now get the mains water which we used to have about twice a week. The best alternative - which you are making possible - is to dig a new bore hole. We do have one borehole, but it was not dug deep enough and it is already dry. An engineer is coming to see me tomorrow morning, and will, I hope, do a survey straight away. As we have 100 students returning on 5 Jan, it is a bit urgent. So you are an answer to prayer! With all good wishes for the New Year, Susan Essam”
The full write-up is available from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if anybody is interested.