Nigeria Link – Letter from Archbishop Edmund

At long last some positive and very interesting news from Kebbi:
“Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and master Jesus Christ. It's been quite a while and we rejoice in the fact that we have found the Lord by our side as we go through these trying times in the life of our nation and particularly in the north.
The money which the [Guildford] Cathedral gave towards a project in St James, we told the Cathedral Treasurer that it was used to buy some laboratory equipment for our chemistry lab. The money that was sent to us from the Diocese [of Guildford] was used to support ongoing projects in Kebbi, Gusau, Katsina, Wusasa, Ikara, and Bari dioceses which were meant to benefit both Muslims and Christians and strengthen their relationships. These dioceses have utilized the money in very meaningful ways. While two of them used the funds to complete a clinic in their rural areas others like us have added more money to it to build primary schools in very remote areas of our dioceses with over 80% Muslim population and employing Muslim teachers as part of our teaching staff.

Thanks for the offer from [All Saints’ Church] New Haw to support the Diocese of Kebbi with their Harvest offering this year. Our concern over the years has been how we can become more relevant as a church to our communities. And one very big need which we find staring us in the face as we pay Episcopal visits to our rural churches is the sheer number of children without any opportunity to formal education, as even where such buildings are existing they lack qualified teachers to teach as the teachers avoid such areas because they all lack basic amenities. This is why as a diocese we have decided within our limited resources to assist in building primary schools for as many contiguous villages as we can. As a matter of fact, we have just laid the foundation for two such schools; one in Ribah and the other is in Dorowa. They are a block of six class rooms with a head teacher's office and toilets.
God bless, ++Edmund”